Houston Alexander Roa (born September 25, 2001) is an American entrepreneur, media proprietor, realtor, author, and philanthropist from Houston Texas.


Alex currently serves as the President and CEO of Pangea Omninational Corporation, specializing in worldwide operations primarily in the media, entertainment, and tech spaces.


Alex Roa was born in Houston, TX to single mother Ingrid Roa. Helping raise Alex were his German grandmother Helga Jakob and Colombian grandfather Ernesto Roa, who both immigrated to the United States after World War II.

Both arriving in New York City, Roa’s grandparents were heavily inspired by the American Dream, and worked hard to establish a good life for themselves and their future children. They would eventually meet at a church in Houston, TX, when Helga worked as a bookkeeper and Ernesto worked as a salesperson and entrepreneur. Their emphasis on the American Dream would go on two influence their two children, Ingrid and Michael Roa, who are the entrepreneurs who inspired Alex to find a similar path.

Alex has two half sisters and three cousins. He grew up in the Spring Valley, Houston where he would attend Second Baptist School from K-12 and hold various leadership roles throughout his tenure, including being heavily involved in Theater, Student Government, Church, and Model UN.

From a young age, Alex and his cousin, Michael Roa Jr., would find great joy in working with computers, building their first machines at the age of 11.

Among interest in computers, at a young age Alex also found a strong passion for music, writing, innovation, politics, and helping others.

Early Life

Alex Roa began his entrepreneurial endeavors in the 4th grade, spending time at the playground writing his first novel, Darkness Shall Fall, written and eventually published three years later under the pen name “Smokey Boy”. He used the same pseudonym to start a gaming Youtube channel “SmokeyBoyGaming”, with many videos done playing the popular game Minecraft.

In the following year, Alex began selling candies in the hallways during breaks, an activity he has gone on to say “showed him the hardships of sales at a young age.”

Between the years 2013-2015 Alex would go on to create computer games and share them with classmates, along with writing additional unfinished books and dabbling in digital art design – designing the many characters of his books and games.

Alex founded his first company, Surge Supreme, in Fall of 2015 at the age of 14. Through the Surge Supreme name, Alex sold hoverboards, computer repair, photography, and websites.

After an unsuccessful run for Vice President of the Business Club as a freshman in High School, Alex went on to start clothing an apparel company Royal Outfitters in order to “show them I was really a business person”. Alex went on to design several shirts and sell them to his classmates, and claims to still wear the clothes to this day.

Before becoming a professional, Alex went back under the name “Smokey” to produce his own music, releasing around 20 songs in 2018 before he would go onto starting Spectrum X Entertainment LLC.

Early Career

In 2019, Alex found that he had obtained many valuable skills over the years, and reasoned that it was time to put them to professional use.

Hope United Mentorships Inc

Staring in August 2019, Alex Roa started Hope United as a way to change unite people around the idea of hope. The organization started as a leadership training program for high school students, where volunteers would meet at various charity organizations and mentor children with an art therapy book designed by Mr. Roa himself. The organization targeted children who had had significant hardships, from kids with life-threatening cancers to orphans. The slogan for the company was “Our Youth is Our Future”, signaling the importance of raising young leaders around helping children who had hardship. The organization then expanded across the country through it’s high school club associate programs, with active clubs to this day.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, events were no longer a viable way of serving the country’s youth. The company is currently undergoing a restructuring and repurposing process.

Spectrum X Entertainment LLC

Started with childhood friend Maxwell Rodney in late 2019, SpectrumXE was founded to cultivate Houston’s underground talent by providing a larger platform and proper resources. The group started with managing three artists, VNO, Saint, and Sinoda. The group would expand to a team of 7, with associated acts. SpectrumXE would go on to host live events, concerts, and parties.

As the COVID-19 pandemic shut down any possibility of live events occurring for the remainder of 2020, the team disbanded, leaving Alex Roa to become Sinoda’s full time manager.


At one of Alex Roa’s auditions for the SpectrumXE brand, the future star Sinoda would walk into Roa’s room by chance, introducing himself to Alex by playing one of his guitars. Alex instantly saw the talent before him and got Sinoda in the studio the following week to record the viral track “Kujo Freestyle”. At the time, artists under SpectrumXE were recording in Alex’s bedroom on a laptop, which was home to Sinoda’s tracks until “Gorilla Grip”. Together, the two man team has gone on to amass millions of streams, hundreds of thousands of fan-made videos, and a monthly following of over 650,000.


Pangea Omninational Corporation

Alex Roa currently sits as the President and CEO to Pangea –  the parent company to both The Culture Club – Roa’s content marketing and media company – and other entrepreneurial endeavors

The Culture Club

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